Poole For Banff

In Canada’s 1st national park and a UNESCO World Heritage site, the beautiful town of Banff is my home.

This website is my platform for connecting people and sparking conversation about our community concerns.

2017 Election - Peter Poole portrait.jpeg

Peter Poole was elected in October 2017, as a Town Councillor, for a term of four years, until October 2021.

Peter is deeply involved in Banff in business, conservation and building relationships with First Nations. He has served on several Banff committees, including the Economic Prosperity Committee, the Development Appeal Board and the Luxton Historical Foundation. He also advises the Dean of Science at the University of Calgary.

Peter’s businesses include the Wild Flour Bakery, the Juniper Hotel and the Bison Courtyard. In all of his projects he pursues a vision:

“Community thrives,” he says, “when we link one person with another, when we link business with culture, and when we link our hopes with nature.”

His wife is the great singer Nan Hughes and his children are in high school and university.


Honouring National Indigenous Peoples Day, June 21, 2019

As you prepare for your summer adventure, think about where and how you will find shelter – maybe in a tent, an RV, a summer cabin? Imagine, then, staying in a pithouse dwelling?

As we move into the busiest time of year in the Bow Valley, I find strength in recalling how Indigenous peoples have been welcoming others to this valley to meet in peace, and the fascinating structures - pithouses - in which some of them lived when they got here. This has been our way for thousands of years. Read more

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